For sure, all of you are aware of the strict and precious demand of your customers. There may be always the case that your existing product range cannot fit your customers Quality Requirement. Or some of your products cannot be produced in the most efficient way resulting in decreased competitiveness. As we know, such weakness means Missing of Chances. Therefore, we are glad to provide you a solution. That is the OEM service provided by FirstRoll.

You can give us sample of Binder Bonded or Thermally Bonded products or even only data of raw material type, weight, thickness, criss-cross proportion and so on. We can provide you the imitated sample as soon as possible and adjustment basing on your comments will be made in order to achieve exactly what you WANT.
Our colleagues in our affiliated factories in China and Taiwan are all ready to satisfy you with their OVER 10 YEARS interlining manufacturing experience.

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